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I’m not a typical teen.

I am not A typical girl you would normally meet, I don’t have a pretty face, I don’t have a nice slim body, I am not rich, and i don’t have a father. My life is made up of a beautiful hard working mom that also has health problems which got her currently unemployed, four sisters and two brothers. My parents were married for 38 years and throught the whole marriege my mom was mentally and sometimes physically abused, as I am the last child she had I was small back then but I remmember a lot. Her first child was a girl named allie, the next was a boy named Alex, after came Olivia, Martha, and my sister kara. The next child was a boy named Sam, and then came I. Allie, Alex, Olivia and Martha are now married and far away, since a couple of years back, my mom finally had the courage to stop her suffering and call the cops on my so called dad, since that hotified year, Kara, my mother and I have a protection order against my dad, because of this whole situation our family has a bigger hole in between us, it was there before but not as obvious as it is now. Allie, Olivia and Martha has turned agains kara, my mom, and myself, since then I javent talked to them, my oldest brother Alex has stayed neutral to us in this situation and sam never really cared, so now my life consists of only 4 close people, my mom, sister kara, who always likes to spoil me, her husband ben, and my brother sam. I don’t have much friends either, I always had a motto that I would rather have a few good friends than a thousand fake friends. Anyways my life is a tornado swirling and swirling, hitting every beautifull moment in my life.

Living in a tornado!